About us

Marangoni Group operates in various sectors of the tire industry. Its activities are organized in six business areas controlled by different Operating Units.

Marangoni Group is one of the few in the international arena that operates in all activities related to the life cycle of the tire: Marangoni manages a completely integrated system of activities, including equipment and technology for the production and manufacture of new tires, retread tires cars, trucks and earthmoving equipment, retreading systems, distribution, and at the end of the cycle, creative solutions for disposal of old tires with power generation.

Diversification among various Operating Units is a complete line of high-level synergy, particularly in the field of research that facilitates innovation and development of new technologies that positively impact at different levels of the value chain of the tire.

North American History

The Marangoni® group has been the global leader in retread technology for more than 50 years.

In 2002, Marangoni established its North American headquarters in Madison, TN, and in 2004 began manufacturing RINGTREAD® in the US. Marangoni Tread North America is a full-service supplier and distributes its premium retread products RINGTREAD® and UNITREAD through a network of licensed independent tire dealers and retreaders throughout the United States and Canada. 

This has proven to be a profitable business model for the independent dealers and reduces costs for end users. Consequently, Marangoni Tread North America enjoys unparalleled growth, increasing market share, market strength, and customer satisfaction.

The North American market is very important to us and Marangoni Tread North America is dedicated to producing the highest quality products in the industry for its network of independent dealers. We have a long-term commitment to this market and will continue to innovate all our products and processes to ensure our customers maintain a distinct competitive advantage. As we continue to grow, it is imperative that we never lose sight of our main goal and that is to provide the best in class products, programs, information and support to all our customers.