Easy Stacker

Easy Stacker 1200


The machinery industry has been reluctant to work under the strict safety standards in DS/EN ISO 13849, a result of which is that the standards will not be implemented for several years. For Just Easy Tools, safety comes first, and that is why we comply with this future standard. 

The Easy Stacker 1200 is (cf. DS/EN ISO 13849) designed according to the strict requirements of “SRP/CS Category 1” where all control components must be both thoroughly tested and very high reliable. The requirements are so strict that well-known PLC, processor technology and hydraulic components do not have this high reliability. That is why Just Easy Tools has had to explore new avenues in this important area as well. 

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Remote Control 

The compact remote control can be placed in many places in the cab. This ensures a simple and safe operation even if the forklift only has one hydraulic output for the 2 functions on the Easy Stacker 1200. The remote control has easy-to-understand symbols for the GRIP - TILT functions. A bright LED next to each button indicates which function is active when the one hydraulic channel on the forklift is activated. Forklifts with 2 independent hydraulic channels do not need the remote control. The remote control is standard equipment.


Fork Module

With this fork module, and the above Quick Shift, forks can be attached, and a shift between Easy Gripper 2160 and the fork module can be done in less than 1 minute. 


Quick Shift 

Ensures a quick change between forks, Easy Gripper, Easy Stacker and other accessories. Quick Shift is mounted directly on the forklift, mini-loader, telescope loader or other front loader. The Quick Shift module is optional. 


Technical data: 

Easy Stacker 1200 - standard 
Lifting capacity 750 kg. 
Gripping diameter on tyres 500-1,200 mm. 
Grip length 2,100 mm. 
Adjustable gripping force max. 1,000 kg. 
Supply voltage 12V. (possibly 24V) 
Hydraulics supply 100 bar. Preferably 3/8” Hose. 
Lifting height depends on forklift/loader. 
Horizontal/Vertical. 0-90 degrees. 
Quick switching on forklift/loader. 
Net weight 630 Kg. 



We have developed the Easy Stacker 1200, which sets new market standards for professional processing times. It effectively manages both lifting and stacking tasks of many tires in one single operation. 

With Easy Stacker 1200, a forklift driver can load a truck with tires in 1 hour without breaking a sweat. This work used to take 3 men 3 hours to perform, and the work was also both dangerous and harmful to their health. Falls and back problems are especially common in the industry. All of this is history with the Easy Stacker 1200. 

The tire industry knows that it is both dangerous and difficult to fill a trailer completely with tires. The Easy Stacker 1200 does not suffer from these limitations, and you can therefore load 20-40% more tires in one go! This saves both money and CO•! 

The Easy Stacker 1200 is the first model in a series of stacking tools for handling various industrial materials. The gripping surfaces shown are well-suited for gripping tyres, but other gripping systems can be supplied upon request. An adjustable strength limiter ensures that all the materials can withstand the strong firm grip from the hydraulic arms. For example, the stacker can be adapted to handle moulded metal and concrete parts. 

A necessary and suitable tool for professionals 

Professionals protect themselves against potential injury risks by using appropriate tools. Before the Easy Stacker 1200, a suitable tool did not exist and work tasks were solved through a random combination of forklift, crowbars and hazardous work. 

The process of stacking or moving big heavy tires becomes both safer and more effective when the Easy Stacker 1200 performs the task