RDY-HM 30/32"

High mileage, mainly for use on building sites

Modern design, ideal for heavy vehicles for mixed road/site service on harsh surfaces and in all weather conditions. The main characteristic of the RDY-HM is enhanced mileage and excellent traction on all surfaces. Another characteristic of the design is its exceptional resistance in the most demanding conditions (on mud, rocks and with heavy loads) due both to the robust shoulders and the use of anti-abrasion compounds.

The tread design features one rolling direction, which optimizes traction and evacuation of stones and mud.

  • High traction in all working conditions and excellent mileage
  • Deep cross channels make the profile "self-cleansing". Rapidly expels stones and mud

SIZE RANGE: 13R22.5, 295/80R22.5, 315/80R22.5


Code  Design  Size 
021021106  RDY-HM  215 M*  3220  30  36 
021021010  RDY-HM  225 M*  3220  30  36 
02102117  RDY-HM  240 M*  3170  28  27 
021021120  RDY-HM  250 M*  2140  28  27 
021021123  RDY-HM  260 M*  3240  27  27 
021021129  RDY-HM  270 M*  3240  27  27 
*without contour finishing