MIX400 30/32

Marangoni® Tread North America proudly presents the first ever precured Splice-Less Retread for Concrete Mixer application

The RINGTREAD MIX400 is suited for all Concrete Mixer/Severe Service applications where superior traction, durability and reliability are required. It features wide open shoulders in order to keep them clean from stones, mud and water. It is non directional, no retread marking's and Marangoni logo on tread.

The RINGTREAD MIX400 is produced with the newest Marangoni Concrete Mixer/Severe Service compound that delivers a superior resistance to chip, cut, tear, penetration and abrasion.

  Code  Design  Size  Circ. 
021055060 MIX400
360XL 3420  30 36 
021055070  MIX400  390XL
3420  30  36