RDG100 26/32"

Traction on All Applications and All Seasons 

Marangoni® Tread North America extends their line of original RINGTREAD® designs to offer an innovative product that delivers the all-around best to fleets in both fuel economy and traction.

The RDG 100 RINGTREAD® is suited for all applications and delivers an over-the-road premium drive that capitalizes on its cutting edge design to offer a longer tread life, while maintaining a sleek new tire appearance. 

This unique interlocking sipe design features newly-engineered technology allowing for deeper sipes with exceptional traction on both wet and dry terrains.  The RDG 100 runs on a cooler, more stable block pattern and has a higher resistance to tear and irregular tread wear.  The full 26/32 inch tread depth allows for improved handling and combats tire squirm.  

  Code  Design  Size 
021007708  RDG100  215 S  3070  26  36 
021007709  RDG100  215 M  3250  26  36 
021007710  RDG100  225 S  3070  26  36 
021007711  RDG100  225 M  3250  26  36 
021020912  RDG100  235 S  3070  26  36