RDL 19/32"

The RDL RINGTREAD® is an over-the-road Light Open Shoulder Drive design. A 19/32” deep drive design that will meet the needs of having a Splice-less product at a good price point. The most appropriate drive design for 2nd or 3rd retreads and for low/medium quality casings. The RDL has one big row of blocks in the center of the tread which promotes driving precision and directional stability as well as two open shoulders to improve traction and safety.

Code  Design  Size 
Pallet Quantity 
021020708  RDL  210 S*  3070  19  36 
021020711  RDL  210 M*  3220  19  36 
021020714  RDL  220 S*  3070  19  36 
021020717  RDL  220 M*  3070  19  36 
* without contour finishing