RTA 13/32"

Fuel saving for Super Single

Ring for the low profile series retreading of ultra-light tires used on trailers for long distance. Its pattern is characterized by four straight lengthwise grooves which give directionality, sipes on the central blocks to favor heat dissipation and transversal grooves to increase grip. 

Fitment to trailer axles on rigid and articulated vehicles in applications which include continuous, high-speed work with low tread wear and in applications requiring considerable directional stability. Because of its characteristic smooth running and resistance to heat build-up it is also suitable where mileage is consistent but even tread wear and fuel savings are important. 

  • Good directional stability, smooth running, low noise level and fuel saving

  • Longitudinal sipes and medium pattern depth give excellent heat dispersion and reduced wear

  • Reduced tread wear

  • Suitable for second life retreads and lower grade casings

  • ZERO OIL compounds guarantee resistance to overheating, high mileage and resistance against impacts, chafing and abrasions


SIZE RANGE: 365/55R22.5, 385/65R22.5


Code  Design  Size 
021025002  RTA  195 S  3070  13  48 
021025005  RTA  195 M  3220  13  48 
021025008  RTA  210 S  3090  13  48 
021025011  RTA  210 M  3220  13  48 
021025014  RTA  220 S  3090  13  48 
021025017  RTA  220 M  3220  13  48 
021025018  RTA  230 S  3090  13  48