MS817 20-25/32"

The MS817 UNITREAD® delivers an over-the-road premium Winter Drive design.


Drive design that provides great traction, safety in winter conditions and enhanced mileage.

The MS817 has two big blocks, with two sipes each, in the center of the tread which promotes traction and directional stability. The two open and siped shoulders further improve traction and self-cleaning of the tread from snow and ice.

Tread pattern suited for DRIVE axles, both in Long Haul and in Regional applications during winter conditions.

MS817 has one of its best application in winter condition because it gives the best of its mileage performance combined with very high traction.


Code Design Size
Pallet Qty
MS817 210L 11.5 20 36
043537070 MS817 220L 11.2 25 36