VSS 26/32"


The VSS UNITREAD® delivers an over-the-road premium Winter Drive design.


Drive design that provides traction, safety in winter conditions and enhanced mileage.


The VSS is divided into blocks in different shapes and orientation in order to promote traction, directional stability and self-cleaning.


The tread pattern is suited for DRIVE axles both Long Haul and Regional applications when winter conditions are present.

The VSS is best used in severe winter conditions because, it provides mileage performance combined with high traction.   

  Code Design Size Length (ft) Depth (32nds) wt/ft (lbs) Roll Wt. (lbs) Pallet Qty
043553000 VSS 220M 10.7 26 3.08 32.94 36
043553005 VSS 220L 11.2 26 3.08 34.50 36
043553009 VSS 230M 10.7 26 3.29 35.20 36
043553010 VSS 230L 11.2 26 3.29 36.87 36