The New Generation of Building Machines

The new generation of "Ringbuilder" building machines allows extrusion of the cushiongum directly on the casing and application of the ring with one single fully automated machine, a process that produces a tyre ready for curing.

The RINGTREADER Series 1000, 2000 and 3000 building machines automatically lay and centre the ring on the casing and then perform rolling to guarantee perfect balanced adhesion.
This process ensures 100% uniform application of the ring on the entire circumference of the casing without deformation.
These are extremely fast and accurate machines with total process automation, which eliminates all possibility of human error.

But Marangoni Retreading Systems thinks also to the retreaders that use precured treads.
To these retreaders Marangoni Retreading Systems offers WINGTREADER 1000 and 3000.