The Inspection of Casings

The first stage of the retreading process is the inspection.

Operator skill is an essential element in the RINGTREAD production philosophy and, together with the use of purposely built machines, allows for precise identification of the casings for retreading.
The Marangoni ITT inspection machines use shearography in a vacuum by means of inferometric laser system to detect and highlight any separations inside the casing structure. This is a much more accurate and dependable technique than other non-destructive casing inspection methods used in the past and enables us to obtain extremely high-performing retreads with guarantee of structural integrity.

The inspection machines are divided in shearographic and manual inspection machines: ITT SFERA 3000 and ITT CUBO 2500 fall within the first group.
For the requests of manual inspection machines Marangoni Retreading Systems offersPPT 2000VTT 2000 and VTT 1000.