Other Machinery

For Marangoni Retreading Systems innovation in the RINGTREAD retreading technology is guided not only by the concept of high automation in the retreading process, but also by respect for the environment in compliance with the increasingly restrictive limitations imposed by the European Commission concerning the reduction of CO2 emissions.

This philosophy has led to the development of a new generation of machinery for applying the cushiongum, the Black Swan, designed specifically for small to medium-sized tyre retreading firms that, until today, had not yet found a solution truly geared to their needs.

The Black Swan allows the totally automated application of the cushiongum, thereby avoiding the use of the adhesive solution and, in turn, the emission of solvents into the atmosphere, the filling of minor craters, and even the reconstruction and reinforcing of the sidewalls, all with one machine.
All the above mentioned operations are part of a completely automated cycle that guarantees not only higher productivity, savings in labour, a reduction in the processing times, and consequential cost-cutting, but also environmental protection.
The Black Swan, by combining several phases of the retreading process (application of the cushiongum, filling of craters, and sidewall reconstruction) results in considerable savings:
- the elimination of the adhesive solution from the process not only does away with the time necessary for its application, but also prevents the need to purchase specialised equipment for this purpose;
limitation of costs for purchasing the cusiongum;
- the fact that this machine rebuilds/reinforces the sidewalls makes the application of strips of material on the sidewalls unnecessary, guaranteeing time savings;
- it does not require a larger work force as the operator on the building machine can operate also the Black Swan at the same time, resulting in increased productivity of the building machine.